About Me

I’ve always loved writing. I was that kid on the playground writing stories in a turquoise sparkly notebook instead of playing four-square. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was obvious.

And that answer hasn’t changed since, but now I’ve added an exciting twist: I get to use my writing to make a difference because I work with the type of people I admire — those who follow their inspiration and live their values.

My career began in the nonprofit sector. My first job — helping students from bitterly divided Cyprus talk to each other — showed me how much I love when people say “let’s do things differently.” Later, as a grantwriter for an environmental organization, I learned how much I love to capture and express work that changes the world.

When I became a full-time freelance writer, I knew I wanted to work with transformative companies and organizations. Publishing a book that chronicles innovators in the US food system reinforced how much I love writing for and about people who are following their passions into new territory.

Living in many countries, including Nepal, Guatemala, Scotland, and Egypt, has helped me embrace fresh perspectives and learn to cross boundaries to new environments and topics.

Being an entrepreneur in my own right — as an independent writer with a diverse and ever-changing client roster — has shown me how much I love feeling a spark of creativity and knowing that possibility is everywhere.