I write for and about mission-driven and innovative companies and nonprofits – helping them communicate their inspiration and purpose with clarity and authenticity.

I specialize in content marketing, thought leadership, ghostwriting, and grant writing for:

  • Meaning-centered businesses like B Corps and social entrepreneurs
  • Disruptive innovators like B2B SaaS, fintech, and healthIT enterprises
  • Companies exploring an emerging trend or other change in their industry
  • Nonprofits in dynamic fields like environment, women’s issues, and microfinance

In serving more than 60 clients over 15 years as a freelance writer, I have honed exceptional skill in channeling visionaries’ voices to help them reach and motivate their customers and other audiences.

I am professional, reliable, easy-to-work with, and thrilled to use my writing skills on behalf of big-thinking, passionate people.

“I’m speechless. You’ve done an excellent job. This is amazing. You were able to articulate exactly what we are attempting to accomplish.”

— Mari Scrutchins, Special Moms, Special Challenges


“You have been such a pleasure to work with—I have so appreciated your professionalism and promptness even in the face of extremely tight deadlines. Your writing was spot-on for our site, and you incorporated editorial feedback with a great attitude and a real eye for good Web writing. I’m lucky to have you on my list of writing contacts!”

— Cameron Siewert, Milkshake Media