Katherine Gustafson

writer and editor


What I do

I write great material -- from snappy blog posts to compelling grant applications -- to help you express yourself authentically and dynamically.

Why choose me?

Because I am . . .

  1.   talented & experienced

  2.   professional & responsive

  3.   creative & versatile

  4.   personable & easy to work with 

Read what my clients say . . .

A seasoned professional with versatile talent,

I deliver concise copy and engaging content

to help you succeed


I write everything from tweets and blog posts to annual reports and grant applications. As a journalist I have published a book, an e-book, and many articles and essays.

About me

I am a writer by vocation and an entrepreneur by spirit -- I love using my talent to help others and taking the initiative to ensure all my clients are satisfied. My career began in the nonprofit sector, where I worked for international development and environmental organizations as a project manager, document developer, and grant writer.


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