Katherine Gustafson

writer and editor


I capture what animates people: a sense of opportunity, a desire to change the world for the better, a drive to make something new.

I specialize in writing for and about:

  1. International nonprofits and foundations

  2. The business and culture of food

  3. Tech and innovation

  4. Business and entrepreneurship

  5. Architecture and interior design

I help others express their

inspirations, innovations, and values.

I write articles for feature, trade, and alumni publications; website content, blog posts, and social media; white papers and brochures; and fundraising documents and annual reports. I also manage blogs for companies; ghostwrite op-eds, speeches, and articles for executives and nonprofit leaders; and edit content of all kinds.

My client list includes start-ups like Made In cookware, tech companies like Avalara and Apervita, and large international companies like Sappi Fine Paper and Extra Space Storage. I’ve worked with a range of nonprofits, including World Wildlife Fund, Oceana, and Grameen Foundation. I am also the author of a book about innovation in the U.S. food system, and I publish my work in outlets such as Forbes, Slate, Yes! Magazine, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

I see the difference my clients are making, even in small ways or in unusual spaces. I love helping them express what matters to them — from technical details to sweeping ideas — so others can see it too.